A New Year Means a New Beginning for My Blog

So I have been a delinquent blogger for the better half of the last year but my hope plan for 2014 is to simply write something on a daily basis whether it’s profound or not (probably not but you never know).

As this New Year begins my life is still very full. Even as the sawdust from our recent sanctuary renovation is settling and the smell of the new carpet and chairs are fading I am already looking ahead to putting our building to use by focusing on ways in which we can partner with God to build His Kingdom over this next year.

In addition to all of my pastoral responsibilities I also have a wife of almost fifteen years with whom I want to spend more time with, four active children who are getting involved in extracurriculars at a seemingly exponential rate (it’s tiring but also enjoyable to watch as they try new things and discover their unique giftedness), and I am still (yes STILL) working on my doctorate.

All this to say that my life feels more and more complex each and everyday and so my New Year’s Resolution (in addition to a more disciplined devotional routine and writing this blog) is to simplify my life. Easier said than done I know but from a practical standpoint I am resolved to owning less (both by buying less and selling at least half of what I already have) and getting rid of unnecessary distractions such as excess entertainment. And yes, I am also adding to the list the obligatory eat less/weigh less as well.

Anyway, sorry for the hiatus but thanks for following. Hopefully you’ll get to know me better over the next year as I hope to get to know you as well.

Time to tell me what you think of my blog, a certain post, your favorite superhero, whatever...

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