About MinistryIsArt

Thank you for following me (or at least visiting). My goal is to make my blog a place where I can show my creative side as a Christian and a pastor. I plan to include a mix of ponderings, poetry, prose, prayers, photos, and photo-typography. I hope you stay a while and get to know me better and vice-versa. Please feel free to share any comments, offer any criticism (helpful hopefully), or ask me any questions.

Whereas most artists either use paint and a pallet or simply put pen to paper one of the primary ways I get to share my passion and creativity is through the preparation and preaching of sermons. The goal of course is to make sure that God is always ALWAYS the author, poet, and painter while I simply become His ink and canvas; being willing to use my personality, passions, and past experiences for His purpose. A work of art shared through my words and actions to my congregation and my community. A work in progress…


Pastor Randy LeBaron

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